The shift from connectivity to productivity during COVID-19.

The COVID-19 crisis is likely to play out in three phases - Lockdown, Transition and New BAU. Throughout this process, all organisations are needing to ensure their remote workforce can stay connected and sustain productivity.

We can help you deal with immediate problems organisations are facing today during the lockdown phase and beyond.

  • Your business model needs to shift to a remote workforce solution to survive.
    Fronde’s rapid cloud deployment methodology can stand up a proof of concept in days. We use a design thinking led approach along with our partnerships with AWS, Salesforce, Google and Netsuite to retool your business model. 

  • Your contact centre has been shut down or is overloaded.
    We can deploy Cloud Remote Contact Centre solutions within 2 days, which can scale to thousands of agents.

  • Some of your people can't work remotely because some core applications are not accessible. 
    Fronde use cloud technology to virtualise applications and give your people rapid and secure remote access

  • Is your remote workforce solution secure?
    Our specialist expertise combined with the world’s leading Cloud Providers (AWS, Salesforce, Google, Netsuite) means we can help you address security risk.

  • You need secure video conferencing & collaboration tools.
    Sustainable productivity needs secure, integrated productivity tools that help, not hinder your workforce. We can rapidly deploy Cloud technology to enable secure and fully integrated video, document storage, calendar and mail solutions.

  • Your remote workers are struggling to find documents.
    Remote Working means it just got a lot harder for employees to find things and be productive. Bring the power of Cloud Search technology to your data enabling your remote workforce to get a Google Search experience across all of your organisation’s data.

  • You don't have enough secure devices for your remote workforce.
    Using Chrome technology we can help you rapidly repurpose existing and spare devices to avoid the immediate need for new device deployments and avoid the need for antivirus software.

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